Becoming an Entrepreneur

A few years ago, hiking in the Southwest, I came upon a helpful trail sign.

Just like most of the choices I had to make as the founder of a company, there was never an easy path. That growing and eventually selling a company would be difficult was not the issue: I just wish I'd had this kind of help to know which choices were potentially really bad.

I learned that there are some things that we scientists, as technical Experts, have in common that can make business success especially hard.  This video tells a bit of that story.   After taking a look, send me an email or book a time for us to chat, and let me know what's making your journey harder.  


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Jeff Kiplinger

Jeffrey Kiplinger, PhD, is a serial entrepreneur in the life sciences industry.  He believes that now, with innovation and ideas being outsourced at historically high rates, scientists with entrepreneurial skills are in the best position to contribute to the future of the industry.

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