Mastering the Technical Sale

Zoom or In Person Workshop


Is your sales team made up of scientists and engineers?  Highly educated professionals know how to best present their skills and know how, but often have little training in analyzing the customer's gap and its value.

  • Do you want more repeat business from your best clients?  
  • Do you want to retain your most talented salespeople?
  • Do you want your CRM to be more than just your contact list?
  • Do you spend dozens of hours on a proposal for a close rate of 25% or less?
  • Have you ever wanted your sales process to be more than a "shots on goal" approach?

 Mastering the Technical Sale is designed to introduce consultative, high value sales techniques to sales teams operating in a highly technical industry.  Teach your team to use their deep knowledge in a new way, to connect instead of showcase, to understand rather than to impress.  

Push your success rates, your return on your investment in your team, and your client retention to new highs.  Contact us to talk about how.

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“There is only one valid definition of a business purpose: to create a customer.” 

- Peter Drucker

Highly skilled sales teams and managers have a greater impact on revenue and volume than any other single investment or activity.  

Scientists, engineers, and all deeply educated and specialized professionals learn to communicate in an information-heavy, passive and objective format.  This workshop recognizes that skill, and introduces proven techniques to develop sales skills specific to the unique style of your team and your customers.


  • Communication and Behavior Styles
  • Sales Process
  • Consultative Selling
  • Dealing with Skeptical Buyers
  • Gap Analysis & Value Creation
  • Effective Presenting Skills
  • Closing the Sale

Participants will learn to:

  • Find more opportunities and qualified leads
  • Set better appointments
  • Identify and quantify the GAP
  • Identify value, extend value, and close on value
  • Present custom solutions powerfully
  • Overcome objections and close with confidence
  • Get more referrals

This Program is perfect for:

  • Corporate Sales Teams & Managers
  • Independent Sales Representatives
  • Small Business Owners
  • Consulting Groups

Workshop Pricing Information

The workshop is designed for teams including sales and sales management professionals.

Participants will receive multimedia instruction appropriate for fast, interactive adult learning.  Each participant receives a workbook. This program will be customized to the needs of your team.  Options include:

  • Talent Insights and Sales Skills assessments, with individual debrief and group Communication Breakthroughs session
  • Sales Process evaluation and development
  • Optional online application (Align software FOCUS(TM)), designed for team accountability and engagement 
  • Discounts for larger teams

To configure a quote based on your team size and the scope of the engagement, a representative will contact you to discuss.  To guide that discussion, please click one of the "Inquire" buttons below.




  • 4-6 instructor led sessions (Zoom or similar)
  • Workbook for each program participant
  • Pre-consultation with sales management
  • 60 minute follow-up accountability meeting
  • Certificate of course completion



Most Popular

  • All Basic Program features plus:
  • TTI Behaviors and Motivators assessment
  • Individual 90-minute assessment debriefs
  • 120 minute team session "DISC Selling Strategies"
  • "Focus" team application (Align software)




  • Configure options from Basic and Advanced 
  • Pre-workshop evaluation of sales process
  • Assistance with CRM configuration
  • OMG Sales skills assessments
  • Ongoing support of new team hiring

Measure the Impact of Better Selling on Your Company

"Jeff and his team put in the effort at the beginning to know the project the way we knew the project, and fully understand our target times and quality expectations. 
Occasionally, they would even point out a thing or two that we had not thought of to make sure it was addressed.  The result was that we got the quality we needed at the time it was needed - like clockwork. 
But senior management wanted us to use [a lower priced competitor].
With [the competitor], it was hard to get much more than "we can do that" and a picture of their instruments.  Quality and timing were all over the map.  In the worst cases, the results were unusable, and the work had to be repeated.  We had to pay for the same milestone twice - and the execs blamed us for the costs and delays.
We finally convinced senior management to stop forcing us to use [the competitor] and allow us to use higher priced but preferred alternatives like Jeff's.  We could execute the projects in the predictable way they wanted.  Our outsourcing efforts were well-regarded and cited as something that was working well within the company.  Senior management got their bonuses, and that trickled down with returns for us too."
Dr. Mark Hayward, Director, Symbiotic Research