Develop and Execute on Plan

An Online Workshop


Have you spent time and money on corporate retreats and all day offsites to set goals and priorities?  Does your leadership team deliver on those plans, or do they quickly lose track of their priorities, buried in the day to day of a busy company?

  • Learn to plan strategically and act tactically
  • Develop essential metrics - what is measured gets done
  • Leverage individual strengths - Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Plan for, and achieve, a system with real accountability

Develop a plan and process that works for you.  

Push your success rates, your return on your investment in your team, and your company performance to new highs.  Contact us to talk about how.


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Rob Bujan, Managing Director SDL Brokerage Inc.

"Within two weeks of starting the program we completely changed the way we respond to RFPs.  We understood so much more about our different strengths. We bid on a big contract against 11 other competitors, four of whom are among the top providers in the industry.  Long story short, we won!  The net from this one contract was more than 3x the cost of Cohere's program.  I can't believe we saw such a fast return."    

Don't Be Left Behind

Your competitors have growth plans.  Metrics, KPIs, accountability tracking.  At year end they know where they're on track and where they need to adjust.  They have a long term goal in mind.

You can do this.  You have a vision, but you and your team may benefit from a set of principles and tools to make that vision into reality.  Invest in those tools, invest in your team, invest in your future, and achieve great things.

"The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do." - Michael Porter


  • Core Team Behaviors, Strengths, and Motivation
  • Vision & Core Ideology
  • Goals, Performance Metrics
  • Accountability and Transparency 
  • Market Niche and Process
  • Building the Culture


  • Team Coherence - Pulling Together
  • Run Your Company from a Dashboard
  • Achievable Annual and Quarterly Goals 
  • A Shared Culture of Accountability
  • Demonstrable Improvement in Team Performance

Who Can Benefit

  • C-Suite and Boards
  • Non-Profit Boards and Leadership
  • Owner-led Management Teams
  • Performance-graded Business Unit Managers

Workshop Pricing Information

The workshop is designed for teams of professionals.  We suggest that if you have a large group of leaders and managers that you group them into business units by common goals.  The workshop is most effective with teams of 4-8 individuals.

Participants will receive multimedia instruction appropriate for fast, interactive adult learning.  Each participant receives a workbook. This program will be customized to the needs of your team.  Options include:

  • Customized scheduling, with session recordings available to all participants
  • DISC and Sales Skills assessments, including individual debrief/coaching
  • Access to a cloud-based application designed to achieve team accountability, tranparency and engagement 
  • Discount available to large teams

To configure a quote based on your team size and the scope of the engagement, a representative will contact you to discuss.  To guide that discussion, please click one of the "Inquire" buttons below.




  • 5 instructor led sessions (Zoom or similar)
  • Access to worksheets and extras in a shared drive
  • Pre-workshop consultation with leadership
  • 60 minute follow-up accountability meeting



Most Popular

  • All Basic Program features plus:
  • TTI DISC Behaviors and Motivators assessment
  • Individual 90-minute assessment debriefs
  • 120 minute team session "DISC Selling Strategies"
  • "Focus" cloud application (Align Growth & Management software)




  • Configure options from Basic and Advanced 
  • Pre-workshop evaluation of management process
  • Monthly or quarterly support as an "Accountability Partner"