6 Keys to a Stronger, More Valuable Sales Pipeline

As professionals trying to grow by bringing our technical knowledge and skills to our customer, we spend much of our time delivering our product and not enough time developing our next customers.  This self-paced course is loaded with tips and take-homes that will help you build a stronger pipeline.

  • Learn 6 keys you can begin to work with immediately
  • Valuable exercises and worksheets will give you ideas you can use
  • Short readings and videos make the material real and understandable
  • Get a taste of working with Cohere with a minimal investment 


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“There is only one valid definition of a business purpose: to create a customer.” 

- Peter Drucker


You started your business because you know your expertise has value.  You can create a customer.  The problem many owners face is that when we're delivering our product, our expertise and experience, we're in our comfort zone.  And selling is usually not in our comfort zone.

This mini-course won't teach you everything about selling, but it can give you ideas and provide some  motivation to develop your all-important selling process.

Course Topics

Ideal Customers

Customer Cares




The Gap

6 Keys Mini-Course

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