About Jeffrey Kiplinger


I am a scientist with a long career in pharmaceutical development.  In the early 2000s I took an entrepreneurial path and never looked back to the big corporate world.  I believe that innovation and creativity are most often found in small companies led by visionary founders and ambitious individuals who believe they can contribute to a better future. 

I founded, grew, and sold several companies; most recently a contract research laboratory called Averica Discovery.  I think businesses are systems that are linked inextricably with their founders, their leaders, their passionate owners and operators.  My passion is working with both the business and its people as a unit, and finding ways to grow value.  

I started Cohere for two reasons. 

First, because there are few resources in business development and strategy that recognize the unique features of being a scientist or a technical professional - our very deep specialization, our lack of general business training, our distrust of selling, and our training to present objective data. 

Second, because I see small companies as the key to innovative R&D.  Large corporations no longer resource their own R&D; instead they compete globally to access the best ideas and talent.  The result is that talent and innovation are more valuable than ever before, and those who grow businesses around them have an opportunity to profit.  

I want to make sure they get the chance.

On the Cohere site, you'll find programs of different scope and cost.  Our highest value programs are delivered live to small groups and are often customized to need.  There's something here for everyone, though, and we keep adding more.

I'm a frequent speaker on entrepreneurial growth, a coach and trainer, and a strategic advisor to my clients.  I have worked with solo entrepreneurs and with 200-person companies.  I work with owners and leaders to build greater value and to access higher revenue.

If you want to grow by leveraging more than just your own skills and ability, we should talk.


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