Success Academy

Execute and Grow

Just completed one of our custom programs for business owners, and looking for ongoing interaction to keep motivation high?  This Mastermind group with Jeff Kiplinger and fellow owners will allow you to take what you've learned and grow.  Keep the promise you made to yourself to build your v2.0, to get to the Next Level.


Includes the  Focus Application

Focus is a cloud-based tool that gives you fingertip access to your strategic plans, progress on goals, key metrics and accountabilities.  This great organizational tool comes with your Success Academy membership. Ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction!


A Vital, Engaged Group with People Like You

Success Academy is a monthly business owner peer group that provides invaluable interaction with a peer group and a professional advisor and facilitator.  We follow a set agenda, including a subject chosen by the group for in-depth exploration and discussion.  

Peer engagement is vital to your personal growth as a business owner, and by extension to the health of your business.  You'll find support, experience-based problem solving, and new ideas through interacting with others like yourself.  You are not alone!

Sign up below.  If you find you're not getting full benefits, you may cancel membership after two meetings with a full refund.

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