The Cohere Elite Program

A One-on-One Relationship Built on Your Goals


You founded a company based on your skills and vision.  Like all owners, you put huge amounts of energy into making it a success.  But is your success enriching your life?  Are you getting what you hoped for when you started?

  • Is your team pulling together with you, everyone in the same direction?
  • Is your sales program earning full value on what you can do?
  • Are you buried in the day to day and wondering how to get to the next level?
  • Do you want to exit in 3-5 years at a higher valuation than your present one? 


I work with a select few individual owners at these business and life inflection points.   You are not alone dealing with growth challenges in a scientific business.  Apply to the Elite Program below. 

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Program Description

This program is a custom, one-on-one coaching and advisory program for business owners or leaders of P&L centers.

You will work in partnership with Cohere's founder, Dr. Jeffrey Kiplinger, to design a needs-based approach.  Success will be determined by your return on investment.  Cohere guarantees  success using a detailed application process, two interviews, and a behavioral skills assessment - you will not be charged if you are not accepted into the program.

  • Customized scheduling and one-on-one interaction
  • Ongoing focus on return on your investment
  • No ongoing requirement - terminate your program at any time
  • Weekly, biweekly, or monthly meetings

Hold yourself accountable to your plans with a coaching relationship.  Achieve goals, increase revenue, strengthen your team, and get more enjoyment out of your business.

Elite Program


High return

Personal accountability

Expand leadership skills

Increase both revenue and value


Do any of these sound like something you might say?


"I thought I would be enjoying this more, but all I do is work."

"There's never time to plan - we're always in react mode."

"I'm in the office 8 to 8, but everyone else is 9 to 5."

"I get occasional calls from buyers, but they never seem to go very far.  I'm not sure how to respond."

"I should probably schedule a planning day offsite, but I honestly don't even know where we put the notes from the last one." 


We hear these statements all the time.  You're not alone.  But it might be time to try something different.

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