Survey Results - What Issues are Consultants Facing?

data Jun 26, 2020

June 26, 2020

Results from last week's survey of consultants about the general issues they face are in.  With 29 responses from the LinkedIn community, the question "What issues do you face trying to grow your business as a consultant?" showed these as the "top of mind" issues:

Examination of the results points to the top 4 issues, which are related to our ability to connect with, communicate with, and sell to our prospective clients are most important.  The primary issue for the largest number of respondents (14 vs. 7 for the next most important issue) is building a robust pipeline.  

This result, when taken with other issues highlighted as important, indicates that consultants worry about keeping their work level high and their calendar full.  The two less important issues are related to how comfortable we are once we are engaged with a client, and these were ranked as "rare" or "never" by most respondents.

To the consultants who responded, and to anyone reading this post, thank you!  These data are already helping me refine my activities over the coming months to focus on content that will help consultants with marketing themselves and their expertise, and with sales process.  

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