Something to do during Covid - Attics of My Life

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2020

I'm putting this up for fun.  No video, just an audio recording of my own four part arrangement of Attics of My Life (Grateful Dead, from America Beauty (1970)).  Made for church choir, but given that we can't sing together these days, I recorded and mixed all four parts (OK, I sang soprano an octave down).  It was hacked together as a recording pretty quickly at the end, but I admit it took me some time to arrange before that!

Stay creative!

Tech notes: 

Recorded on GarageBand for iPad using the earbuds with mic in the cord.  The music track is a fairly compressed midi acoustic guitar, just a quick strum on the changes to keep me in sync.   A little reverb and EQ.  That's it.



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