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Stop working IN your company and work ON your company.

Cohere Business works with scientific founders trying to meet the many demands of a growing business.  There is a road map: to greater returns, less stress, and the well-deserved satisfaction of success.

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Our industry is in a period of unparalleled growth.  Great, right?

Not so fast.  How well are you equipped to deliver efficiently?  Do you have sufficient resources to expand to meet demand?  Can your team adjust, or do they need even more of your time as a leader?  How will you serve more customers than ever, and still retain your best clients?  

How to Work with Cohere

Founders in startup phase, consultants, and small enterprise owners:  We have great Programs, Courses, and a Mastermind group.


Develop an individualized program for your company with an experienced professional and coach.  Build a sales process, cohere your team, improve your financial strength.


Engage with a successful scientist-entrepreneur as a virtual operations executive.


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Life Science and Technology Professionals


As a consultant with a technical specialization, your deep expertise is your greatest strength.  Learn how to best represent that strength and find your perfect clients.  Maximize your value and your time.

Small Business Owners

If your background is as a scientist and you're founded a company, you're part of an elite group.  At Cohere, we develop entrepreneurs to enhance the value of the companies they've created, and achieve results greater than they dreamed.

Technical Sales Professionals

The world of the technical sales specialist is consultative selling.  At Cohere we tune all our offerings to the unique sales and marketing environment of the scientific and technical sector.  


Are you in the role that best uses your strengths?  The company that aligns with your own values, and that values you?  With Cohere, you can achieve the success in life and in business that you've trained for,  worked for, and that you deserve.

"Valuable insights provided on the type of customers, understanding their needs and expectations, and the approach of marketing based on our authenticity, our values and beliefs. Great tools made available from the Ted Talk to the different worksheets."

Dr. Laurence Philippe-Venec
Principal, PIC Analytics

"Jeff has been a great resource to the VINCO PS team. I am confident that if you are an individual or team just starting out or not realizing your full potential, you will get great value in Jeff's strategies and mentorship."

Donald Dickison
Founder, VINCO Pharma Solutions

"Contract labor, supply chains, tax loopholes - what more can big corporations leverage?  Innovation and agility are in the hands of small businesses started by talented entrepreneurs.  These are the people we want to work with."

Jeff Kiplinger



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